Iestamar is my little dream world were I dress up like women did during the 19th century. The main topic will be the fashion of the 19th century, especially the bustle fashion of the Victorian Era/Gilded Age is my most beloved fashion era, but I also like the Empire / Regency fashion is on my list, because the fashion of the very early 19th century was so light, so airy.

Besides fashion also different themes out of the everyday life will be part of this little page. Recipes from original cookbooks will be shared, as well as reports and pictures of excursions while wearing my period dresses.

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31th of October 2019 - The website is growing slowly to it's old size. I started with the fashion area, which is the main part of this site. I translate every single site with my humbly skills, but I hope it's bit better than google translator. Of course it takes some time to me but I do it parallel, with every german page, an english one will be there too.

27th of October 2019 -
Today I start the try to give my website a little makeover, cause I find it a bit to chaotic. But at first I had to struggle with the latest Mac OS upgrade which boycots my old WYSIWYG editor. Now, I hope I will have some more luck with SeaMonkey. As you see, I also will translate my page now into english, step by step. If you wish to chose English please follow the NZ-flag.

Dauer-Neugikeit: With judgment of LG Dusseldorf of the 3/9/2016 it is not possible for data protection-juridical reasons any more to use the Facebook badge than plug-in. I won't support the massive collection of personal data by Facebook, so if I do a link to my Facebook page it is only a link not the social media plug in which is offered by Facebook. For further informations see below my declaration for data protection and my legal notice.

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