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Here is a list of some interesting websites around the world, which I often visit or buy the stuff I'll need. Have fun.


A great online store from Germany which offers a wide range of fashion eras and everything you need for your sewing project and they are shipping to many countries.

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On this page you'll get the ultimate Empire-Pattern, not very cheap, but a pattern including a complete Empire warderobe, like dresses, pelissees, spencer, undergown, and accessoires.

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A wonderful page with many eyecathcing dresses from 18th and 19th century.

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A beautiful page from Middle Age to 20th century, they offer many informations around fashion and offer also some free patterns.

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Truly Victorian

An US-Amercian pattern creator and seller for victorian fashion, some patterns are available as E-pattern.

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Another pattern seller from US, lots of patterns taken from survived original dresses, many also as E-pattern available.

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A nice website about victorian fashion, from crinoline to 1900. 

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Lots of eyecathcer through different fashion eras up to 20th centruy.

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Digital cataloge of the New York Public Library, you'll find lot of fashion plates here.

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On this website you'll find some information about fashion during the Victorian Era.

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Another wonderful website with lots of helfpul hints for sewing historical fashion.

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