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In this section you find a list of interesting books which I had read until now and which are a wonderful source for the fashion of the 19th cenutry. This list doesn't only consists of books about fashion history, there are a lot of reprints of old fashion plates which are collected within one book and often cover nearly the whole era. And the list also includes some original women's magazines which were their source of the latest fashion and included in the past not only descriptions of the latest fashion, but also travelling reports, reports of high society events, of course fashion plates and fashion pictures and patterns not only for handcraft like embroidery but also patterns to sew the fashion, e.g. dresses, mantles, accessoires. Of course mostly the original patterns were used in the past so often the yearbooks have no patterns anymore, but sometimes small pattern overviews with metric measurement, so maybe it's possible to recreate the lost pattern. And you also find books for coloring and paper dolls in this list.

I. Modern books/reprints about period fashion: (always the original title is given, so mostly English, but also German books)

Galerie der Schönen - Modestiche des 19. Jahrhunderts herausgegeben by Andreas & Angela Hopf

Drunter & Drüber - Drei Jahrhunderte Mode in Rostock published by the  Rostock Cultural  History Museum

Das Buch der Wäsche by
Brigitta Hochfelden and Marie Niedner

Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques published by Kristina Harris

From the Ballroom to Hell - Grace and folly in Nineteenth-Century Dance by Elizabeth Aldrich

Fashion - Eine Modegeschichte vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert published by Kyoto Costume Institue

Victorian Fashions a pictorial archive by Carol Belanger Grafton

Metropolitan Fashions of the 1880s From the 1885 Butterick Catalog published by Dover Publications

Elegant French Fashions of the Late Nineteenth Century by JoAnne Olian

Full-Color Victorian Fashions 1870-1893 by JoAnne Olian

Victorians Fashions & Costumes from Harper's Bazar 1867 - 1898 by Stella Blum

Wedding Fashions 1862 - 1912 by JoAnne Olian

English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century by C. Willett Cunnington

Handarbeiten wie zu Großmutters Zeiten by Mizi Donner & Carl Schnebel

Corsets by Jill Salen

Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from "La Mode Illustrée" by JoAnne Olian

Fashion of the Gilded Age Vol 1 & 2 by Frances Grimble

Fashion Design 1850-1895, published by Pepin Press Design Series

II. Original books from the 19th century

Yearbook from "Die Modenwelt" 1878

Der Gute Ton in allen Lebenslagen, a book about proper behaviour by Franz Ebhardt from 1878

Henriette Löfflers großes illustriertes Kochbuch, a cookbook from 1878

13. issue  of "Die Modenwelt" from 1875

Iris. Damen-Zeitschrift. Pariser Moden-, Muster- und Kleider-Magazin für Damen, volume 6/1854

Der Bazar, Illustrierte Damen-Zeitung, volume 25 - 27 from 1879-1881

Of course we all love and find lots of inspiration in period dramas as well, often the costumes look very beautifull and sometimes you have to ignore a zipper or false design and just say "relax, it's only a movie"

III. Period Dramas

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Mary Reily

Sense and Sensibility


The Phantom of the Opera (various movies)

Little Women

The Age of Innocence

Anna Karenina

Northanger Abbey

Mansfield Park

Napoleon (various movies)

Pride and Prejudice