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The 19th century was very varied in questions of ladies fashion. Nearly every decade had it's fashionable specialty. With the new century came a entirely new fashion line for women's fashion. After pocket hoops and stiffed stays women get a new freedom but only in questions of fashion. The new dresses had an influence by ancient greek fashion, the dresses were light and airy, almost transparent and no hoops and stays were necessary, although only younger women and very fashionable ones resigned stays.

The years went on, the skirts became shorter, stays and corsets came back to fashion, sleeves became gigantic, than after a while skirts became longer again and with longer skirts the ladies showes less skin as well in other parts like arms or décolleté. For some decades the crinoline fashion stayed and had their own characteristics in width of skirts, fabrics and other details. And than the crinoline left us and made place for the bustle which only accented the derrière and during the last decade no hoops of any kind were worn and a new fashion line captured the fashion magazines.

Here in Iestamar you'll find the fashion of the First French Empire, in England you will call it Regency or Georgian, and the fashion of the Victorian Era/ Gilded Age. According which lady you choose, you enter the fashion world of Empire or Bustle, with all the gowns I had already sewn.

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