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About me

Who is, actually, behind Iestamar?

Born last century, I had to live a few more years in a dictatorship, before courageous people, under it also my father, by pertinacious Monday demonstrations, the GDR to case brought. For me this was an advantage in multiple regard very much. I spent a wonderful childhood in the circle of my family and how many small girls I loved fairy tale and found the princess's clothes always very nice, I wanted to have always with pleasure sometimes the clothes of "Snow White" or the princess from "Hans in luck" (both enchanting DEFA filmings). Now this hadn't work quite well. Then with the Fall of the Wall the Sissi's filmings from the 1950th and Dracula came of course.

Indeed, I have to confess that I have begun with the dressmaking only after my Abitur/A-level. In these days during my teenage time, and till today, I am a big fan of the history "The phantom of the opera" and when I departed my homeplace to start my law studies at the University of Rostock. During the first months I had much time to discover with which hobbies I might fill my free-time. Then the first hobby became the dressmaking. Indeed, not the dresses of the Victorian Age/Gilded Age like in Dracula, but it became an empire dress, after I had seen the Napoleon movie by Sasha Guitry. I fall in love with a smaragd green velvet dress of the Empress Josephine. Without further thinking I bought my very first pattern from Butterick and everything what I would need for the dressmaking. In the local fabric store, I bought a red cotton and golden-coloured tape. And then I went to work. Till then I had never had needle and thread in the hand, I also hadn't never ever any courses to learn any sewing techniques, so I sewed as I thaught it might be right. The result was a pretty dress which had only one litte mistake, the waist did not sit under the breast but in the middle on it. Of course I hadn't spare a thought of altering a pattern to the personal body shape. Hence, it did not sit optimally, but otherwise the result was really good for the first attempt.

But I didn't stayed for lon into empire fashion, very quickly there grew the strong wish to sew a bustle dress, the style I knew from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera", since I was fifteen this musical is my favourite one, like the novel by Gaston Leroux and the one by Susan Kay and through this musical I began to listen to classical music as well. So everything back to the start. I bought the first pattern that came along, the one by Simlplicity, well the bustle pillow is great, the skirt is well, but the bodice with these separate attached peplum I didn't liked very much, so I did a bit of research and found the patterns by Truly Victorian. Untill today these are my favorite patterns for the fashion of the 1870s and 1880s. Ordered and started immediatly and it was so easy and made so much fun. After this first bustle dress, I started to sew a lot more. At that time I sold them to have money for the new dress, destiny of a student with restricted financial means. I already miss some clothes and I hope that it goes well to them.

Meanwhile, after 17 years, I gave Empire fashion a new try. I found the perfect pattern for me: La Mode Bagatelle, which I change so the result would be more simliar to the original fashion plates of the 1800s. They are a bit more historically correct and it is a pleasure to wear the dresses. The cut is rather easy, so it is easy as well to alter the pattern, especially after I'm now able to change patterns, after 17 years sewing it is a new stepp I reached in my sewing skills.

However after owning three empire dresses, three Spencer and suitable accessories - I'm no student anymore, I had some good years in work after my law studies in a tax office, now I do again tax studies but now I'm paied and I will work for the Saxonian tax authorities and so I have less time but a bit of money to have the possibility to work on new period fashion projects. After one year into Empire fashion I will go back to the bustle fashion again, I have some plans for new dresses and of course for my beloved fantail skirt which I had made for my tea gown. I will sew him one more time.

These are some "scarce" information about me, don't hesitate to contact me by mail or via Facebook, were I run a page with the name Iestamar. I wish you a lot of fun here and I hope you'll like what you find here.