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Bunnies with egg basket

The instructions come from an issue of Die Modenwelt of 1896 and of course bunnies also wear theHasen latest fashions.

"Our patterns - two bunny ladies in modern promenade toilets - are intended to give inspiration to decorate in an original way the Easter bunnies made of papier-mâché, which are bought in all sizes and so often given away as dummies filled with sweets. The well-known creped paper, available by the metre in all colours, can be worked with needle and thread and shaped into all sorts of shapes. In order to put the paws in the right place, you have to make them from pelu, rabbit wool or chenille over small cardboard shapes, stick them into the sleeves and fasten them with fine floral wire. A piece of white lace forms the pompadour, which is to be filled with sweet eggs. - The basket, made of white straw= and raffia, shows rosettes of yellow and white straw=wide strips of cloth around the rim. Paper=cuff."