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Easter egg made of flowers

GrundformThe first step is to bend the small basic form from fine and strong wire, as shown in Fig. 74. Strong wire produces the lower ring of 5 1/2 cents in diameter, which, bent in an obvious way, is followed by the 6 side rods. These require in 31 cent. These require two strong and fine wire ends in a length of 31 cents. Fine wire, continuous around the ring at the bottom, forms the 2 1/2 cent. high feet and, stretched crosswise, the base and joins the 6 rods together at the top, here at the same time forming a small eyelet. The now completed basic form is filled tightly with fine fresh moss and flowers attached to its 6-8 cent. long wire stems are placed in a pleasing arrangement. These stems serve notOsterei only to hold the flowers but also the moss. A coloured ribbon loop attached to the wire eyelet allows the flower egg to be both hung and carried safely.