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Knitted Easter Nest

Material: 20 grams of white or faerbige castor wool, 2 fine wooden knitting needles.

The nest is knitted in the loop stitch, for which you wrap the working thread with the right hand several times (3 times for our pattern) around the index and middle finger of the left Nesthand and then knit it off to the right. A strip 50 cents long, only 2 cents wide, made with grey castor wool, laid together in a spiral and joined by overlock stitches at the longitudinal and transverse edges, forms the nest we have here; the bottom is formed by pulling the edge loops together on one side. 4 stitches are cast on for the strip and each stitch is knitted off in a loop stitch; each loop turn then alternates with a turn knitted in interlaced sts. To fill the nest, first line it with cotton wool and fill it with small sugar or chocolate eggs, or even colourful bird's eggs, which can be arranged with moss and grasses as desired.