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Cake boxes with coloured fire painting

The original idea of an artist from Munuch, Miss Irene Braun, is to transform cake boxes into a charming Easter gift by fire painting. The wish "Happy Easter", the traditional Easter egg, creeping Tortenschachtelcatkins, snowdrops and crocus form the delicate ornament with filling arabesques. The crayon draws the contours of the crocus leaves, which are later painted yellow and purple and shaded green, as finely as possible; the contours of the willow catkins are marked somewhat more strongly and the marginal ornaments appear quite deeply burnt, some even grained. Watercolour is used for the painting, which is partly glazed and partly opaque. The moss ground from which the flowers spring is kept green and brown and is enlivened by some printers with a crayon. Between the leaves lie brightly coloured eggs, deep red, orange or green-yellow. Above the flowers, the air is indicated by a light blue tone. On the letters, the shady sides have to be burnt a little wider; yellow or red colour for painting. With the soft wood of the boxes, the glowing pencil must be moved very quickly for fine lines, otherwise it gets stuck everywhere and burns small depressions. The deeply burnt outer edge is covered with brown paint.