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Wonder ball with Easter bunny

GrundformThe basis of the wonder ball, Figs. 75-76, is first a round polished foot of about 6 cents diameter. In the middle of the base a 9 cent. high rod (a broken knitting needle etc.) is fixed. This rod is then pushed through an oblong box (about 10 cents long, 3 cents wide and 2 cents high) which can be filled as desired and, in order to prevent the box from sliding down completely, it is covered with a small cover (sheet metal, silk ribbon, etc.) about 2 cents high. The upper tip of the knitting needle will later be covered by the elongated button. In addition, attach two matches to the box (see Fig. 76), which will later hold the bunnies in place. After these preparations, start winding the yarn, first crosswise around the middle stick so that it is covered up to the button and appears egg-shaped on its upper half. After a cardboard ring of 1 cent. After a cardboard ring of 1 cent. width (see Fig. 76) has been attached to delimit the space for the bunnies, and after the yarn has been wound tightly around the basic shape for some time so that it has a pleasing form, the two small bunnies, made ofWunderknaeul chocolate, are attached to the matchsticks and also wrapped securely. Fine moss and very small sugar eggs hidden in this, like narrow ribbon covered with lace, complete the decoration, as can be seen. The arrangement of the yarn around the legs of the rabbits, which makes it appear as if one is winding the yarn held by the other, has a very droll effect on our pattern. Finally, the knitting needles are to be put through the ball and decorated with coloured bows.